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Storytelling: The importance of telling a story.

By Daniel González Sandoval

It could say that Storytelling has existed practically since language has existed, that is, since humans have existed. Telling ourselves stories satisfies our need to express ourselves and communicate through a narrative.

We like to tell and be told stories; this is the fundamentals of communication. That's why in almost all languages, we communicate in the past tense, because we tell each other everything that has happened to us.

Félix de Azúa compares the artist with that person capable of entertaining others by telling a hopeful story, and that is because stories are part of our oldest essence, since our most remote ancestors gathered around the fire to tell stories that amazed the whole tribe.

And we’re no strangers to this in digital marketing: Storytelling is a powerful tool that can help us achieve our sales and communication goals.

To win over your audience and make them remember your messages forever, don't tell them what to do, what to buy, or tell them that your product is the best. Seduce them with stories that move them, and above all, that awaken their senses.

When integrating Storytelling into your digital campaigns, remember these five essential points:

1. Define your structure. A good argument is well structured, and has a beginning, middle, and end.

2. Appeal to the emotions. The most effective way to connect with people is through what we feel: tenderness, anger, laughter, or inspiration.

3. Create tension. Remember that conflict is the engine of every story. Incorporate drama to engage the audience. Every “knot” has its “end,” and reaching it gives us pleasure.

4. Be simple, be real. Verity is the key, the stories that best connect are those in which we see ourselves reflected.

5. And most importantly, create a message that represents you. The story should reflect the values and essence of your brand.

So there it is, use Storytelling to make your digital campaigns memorably connect with the audience, and remember that to generate a significant impact, it’s essential to create something unique.

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