Leading retailer ALDI had two Latin-inspired brands-Casa Mamita- and-Benita-that were not regarded as authentic and were not emotionally connecting with consumers.

Consumer's Personal Story:

First- and second- generation bilingual Latin and Mexican-American moms who wanted to serve their families authentic dishes from their homeland.

Cultural Trigger:

“In order to make me switch brands, you need to replicate the full experience of the brands I usually buy, from the packaging to the flavor.”

Culturally Relevant Solutions:

Launched a more authentic Latin brand. Used other leading Latin brands as benchmarks for brand architecture. Launched a family of Latin products across different categories. Created brand guidelines.


Sales have increased for specific products.

SilkArt direction, POP, Shopper Marketing & IN-STORE
Mexican National TeamArt direction, POP, Photo Production, PRINTS, Social Media & IN-STORE
ORBITBranding, Packaging, Art direction & POP