Iconic Hispanic brand Goya had a strong presence with Caribbean Hispanics but not with Mexican-American consumers. Goya's Mexican products were not seen as authentic, and consumers were loyal to other brands.

Consumer's Personal Story:


First-generation and second-generation Mexican-American consumers that live in the Chicago metropolitan area.

Cultural Trigger:


“During Mother’s Day, I want to celebrate the person that I love the most with authentic and flavorful products. That’s why I look for promotions that bundle a variety of products and options. Goya provides These Types of Solutions with its extensive product line."

Culturally Relevant Solutions:

 Integrated marketing program that included in-store communication, in-store demos, social media, sweepstakes, and geotargeted outdoor solutions.



Increase in sales at major retailers in the Chicago area.

DIGITAL Art direction, Store Merchandising, Digital, Print Ad & Social Media
TapatíoBranding, Packaging & Art direction
TransnetworkArt direction, POP, Character, TV, Photo Production, Store Merchandising, Social Media, Copywriting, Radio, IN-STORE & Print Ad