Flexi Compras


Flexi Compras, a Rent-to-own electronics and appliances store, wanted to make its business proposition appealing to a larger demographic.

Consumer's Personal Story:

Credit-challenged multicultural consumers in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas. 

Cultural Trigger:

“I want the best in electronics and appliances, getting what I want is always a challenge because of my not-so-good credit. I would love to find a place that gives me the opportunity I deserve."

Culturally Relevant Solutions:

Bilingual Integrated Campaign that included: Local TV, Radio Remotes for Grand Openings, Geo-Targeted Billboards, In-Store Communication, Direct Mail, Bilingual Brochures, and Digital Components.


Made brand relevant to different consumer Sub-Groups.

JUNTOSBranding & InStore
DIGITAL Art direction, Store Merchandising, Digital, Print Ad & Social Media
ORBITBranding, Packaging, Art direction & POP