Lucas, a Mexican spicy candy brand, wanted to translate its brand identity (intensity) to U.S. consumers. Its target consumer had a different profile in the U.S. than in Mexico.

Consumer's Personal Story:

First- and second-generation bilingual Mexican-American consumers who sought intense experiences that would spark the essence of who they are.

Cultural Trigger:

"For me, spicy candies are a reflection of my identity. They are as intense as my personality."

Culturally Relevant Solutions:

Translated brand equity into “Mexican Intensity.” 

Leveraged key influencers. 

Launched product innovation to cater to new target consumer groups. Executed

in-store demos, mass media campaigns, digital media, and shopper marketing programs.


Increased sales and market share.


TransnetworkBranding, Art direction, POP, Store Merchandising, PRINTS, Digital & Print Ad
TransnetworkArt direction, POP, Character, TV, Photo Production, Store Merchandising, Social Media, Copywriting, Radio, IN-STORE & Print Ad
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